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Solo Competitions

Attend regular competitions without a partner or teacher, putting you in control of your competitions. No partner, no problem!

About Solo Competitions

Solo Competitions

Solo competitions are great for those without a partner who'd love to get into the competitive dance scene. Whilst getting out on the competitive floor, and being marked by yourself may be daunting, dancing solo comes with a heap of benefits...

The benefits...

The solo competitive scene has been growing rapidly in recent years, here are the reasons why...
- Grows confidence to enter the floor by yourself
- Builds up self awareness of their own bodies relative to themselves (proprioception)
- Develops their own understanding of figures and body positioning, by not relying on teacher/partner to help correct them



Benefits of Solo Competitions

Choose when you compete

Choose your competitions

Unlike partnered competitions, you get to choose which competitions you attend. This puts you in control, and allows you to compete more regularly. We recommend clients who are dancing Teacher/Student competitions to also dance Solo, to build on the benefits above. We can guide in the direction of where to find these competitions. Fill out the form below to find out more...

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