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Teacher/Student Competitions

Enter competitions and be partnered by your teacher!

About Teacher/Student Competitions

Teacher/Student Competitions

At Signature Ballroom we offer clients the opportunity to compete and be partnered by their teacher. During Teacher/Student competitions it is only the student being marked at the competition, differing to ProAm, where both the Teacher & Student get marked together, as a couple. 

The Benefits...

Dancing Teacher/Student allows clients to feel more comfortable in the competition environment, being guided and supported by a Teacher through the experience of competitive dancing. 


Benefits of Teacher/Student Competitions

How to get started

How do I start?

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss training and what competitions we have coming up. All ages and abilities are welcome with categories from ages Under 10 up to Over 80s in some events. Get in touch now to start your Teacher/Student journey.

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