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ProAm Experience

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ProAm Event Trailers

Footage for demonstrative purposes only of what events may be like. Footage not our own. Courtesy of both Flymark & ProAmNews.

What is ProAm?

ProAm is when a professional is dancing with an amateur dancer. Unlike Teacher/Student events, ProAm couples get marked together, instead of the amateur being marked in Teacher/Student. At Signature Ballroom we are offering a unique experience for ProAm dancers to train, compete and attend glamorous events, so you get to live the lifestyle of a professional dancer. 

What's Included?

Starting from £800p/m*

On sign up

  • Dance Essentials Welcome Pack - Everything you need to get started.


  • Private lessons, monthly guest lesson, group classes & open practice nights included.


  • UK based competitions

  • International competitions*

  • Competition Hair & Makeup


  • Opportunities to attend exclusive dance events, training days, and invitations to social events at a private members club. 

  • Booking and organising of events handled for you including hotel stays (not including travel arrangements)

Physical Wellbeing

  • Bespoke fitness plan & monthly check-ins

This is an example of what can be included in your package to find out more, please book in a consultation. Prices start from £800p/m.

How to get started...

1. Watch our video - Get a glimpse of what The Signature ProAm Experience is all about.

2. See what's included.

3. Book a consultation - Fill out the form below and select 'The Signature ProAm Experience' to book in a consultation.

4. Join The Signature ProAm Community - Become part of a community of passionate dancers and embark on a remarkable dance journey.

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